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The Information Architecture of Cities

Cities can be viewed as information architecture systems. The term makes sense not in reference to the the design of buildings, but rather to the components of a complex system that interact with each other. In a paper…

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Berlin Open Data Hackathon

We're organizing the Berlin edition of the global Open Data Hackathon. It will happen on December 4th and starts at 09:30 in the office of Your Neighbours, at the Adalbertstrasse number 5 in Berlin. If you are into…

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Berlin Open Data

We are currently reviewing the data offered by the city of Berlin. The results are surprisingly good. Even though open data in Germany isn't as widely available as it is in some other european countries like Iceland…

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The Book

City Crawlers Berlin

There's a lot of data about Berlin. It's time to give that data back to the city.
~ Floris Dekker

I pity the fool who doesn't listen to data.
~ B.A. Baracus

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City Crawlers Berlin is a collaborative project. You’re able to pre-order the book, get posters and other goodies. We’re also looking for contributors to the project and we’d love to get you involved.
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