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City Crawlers Shows you Berlin like you have never seen before.


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About the Book

City Crawlers is a project that tries to tell new stories about Berlin using information and data visualizations. Using publicly available data, we are trying to reveal invisible stories that have not yet been told. With the help of designers, architects, photographers and programmers, we will produce several products, of which one of them is a book.

This is an ongoing project but you can already pre-order the book. If you want to contribute in another way, you should drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The project is initiated by Your Neighbours, a digital studio based in Berlin.

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edial_2010_klein Edial Dekker

Edial Dekker

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Floris Dekker

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Kamiel Blom


Andrew McCarthy
Designer, Developer.

Eric Fischer
Designer, developer

Stefan Wehrmeyer
Software Architect, Web Developer, IT-Systems Engineer